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ANWB Innovation

At ANWB we are continually on the look out for partners in order to share resources and capabilities to create value for our Members and society.

ANWB Innovation

ANWB serves around 5 million members with a history that stretches back close to 140 years. ANWB exists to represent its Members and their communities by informing and advising them when in need, and providing excellent products and services.


Collaborating with partners is vital to maintaining ANWB’s relevance.  For this reason, ANWB Innovation has been established to help to proactively drive partnerships that enable new innovations and radical solutions that respond to customer needs to get to market.  In order to continuously evolve our service offering and organisation, we encourage our partners to challenge us and work together with us.

Exploring opportunities, realizing solutions

ANWB Innovation focuses on forming and accessing an active ecosystem of startups, scaleups and other leading innovators to identify synergies and implement collaboration opportunities.

ANWB Innovation offers the expertise and capability for innovation partners to realize and scale ideas in partnership with ANWB.