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Dutch people enjoy to camp. Did you know around 3,5 million Dutch people go camping every year? The ANWB and camping are inseparable. The ANWB has been involved in the development of camping from the very beginning. Today, ANWB Kamperen is still the market leader of camping holidays. Our mission is therefore to provide campers with a carefree holiday. We achieve this by being relevant for campers before, during and after the holiday.  ANWB Kamperen knows the Dutch camper thoroughly. We know where, when and how they are going. At what time and in what way they search and book a campsite. And what they prefer to do at the campsite. But above all we know how to show your campsite at the right time. Online, mobile, at events, in magazines and more. As a market leader we feel connected to the camper and our partners and want to play a connecting role. That is why we offer partners a rich variety of channels and the right mix to reach the camper. Together we let more Dutch people enjoy camping.


Kampeer en Caravan Kampioen
The largest camping magazine in Europe. The magazine is published 11 times a year.

Distributed circulation 52,000
Average coverage  305,000
Target group empty nesters
More information about magazine KCK


Go Camping
Campers will find popular and surprising regions and associated campsites in this magazine. The magazine is published twice a year. 

Distributed circulation 150,000
Average coverage  425,000
Target group families with children
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Magazine Kampeerreizen van ANWB
This magazine has been filled with inspiring travel stories, interviews and the most  attractive trips in Europe and beyond. This magazine is published twice a year.

Distributed circulation 140,000
Target group empty nesters
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Camping guides

ANWB-gids Erkende Campings
This ANWB Campsite Guide Designated campsites contains up- to-date information on as many as 4,300 campsites. Publication date December 2019.

Distributed circulation 265,000
Average coverage 600,000
Target group

  • all campers
  • usually have their own camping equipment: a tent, caravan, camper or trailer tent
  • age: most of them are between 46-65 years old

More information about ANWB-gids Erkende Campings

ANWB-gids Kleine Campings
This ANWB Guide to Small Campsites  contains about 2,400 small campsites. Each has its own particular character and has no more than 60 pitches. Publication date February 2020.

Distributed circulation 8,000
Average coverage 48,000
Target group

  • all campers
  • usually have their own camping equipment: a tent, caravan, camper or trailer tent
  • age: most of them are between 46-65 years old

More information about ANWB-gids Kleine Campings 

ANWB-gids Onderweg Campings
In this ANWB Guide to Campsites on the road 2020, the listed campsites are located along the most polupar European holiday routes. Publication date April 2020.

Distributed circulation 55,000
Average coverage 228,000
Target group

  • all campers
  • usually have their own camping equipment: a tent, caravan, camper or trailer tent
  • age: most of them are between 56-75 years old

More information about ANWB-gids Onderweg Campings


ANWB Charmecampings
Charming campsites are selected campsites of ANWB, which excel in location, appearance and hospitality.  The Special Charming campsites France is included with KCK 3. 

More information about ANWB charmecampings

Online campaign

With an online campaign you reach your target group at different times: in the newsletter, on the homepage and via our social channels.

Circulation 90,000 subscribers newsletter
Visitors portal 2,2 million a year
More information about Online campagne

The place where millions of Dutch campers find the campsites of their dreams and make bookings. An excellent online platform that can be of great benefit to you!

Coverage in 2018  5 million a year
Pageviews in 2018  19 million a year
Age  between 35-44 years old
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Camping Key Europe

This camping card has many advantages for both the camper and you as a campsite. The card is now used by more than 1 million campers.

Target group Dutch members 78% male and 22%  female
Age  between 56-65 years old
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With our means described above you can make your campsite or other camping company attractive to the camper. Thanks to our network and many years of experience, we also know how to surprise your target group with customized solutions.
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