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Reach Dutch campers during their search for the ideal campsite is ANWB's online campsite platform. With 3,9 million unique visitors annually, we reach 96% of Dutch campers. This makes the leading platform for campsite information and bookings in The Netherlands. Drawing on the search and booking behaviour of the visitors to our site, we continuously collect data to optimise our approach and find better ways to match the right campsite with each individual camper. Taking our most popular search strings as a basis, we create themed pages that feature highly relevant camping offers.

More bookings or website visits

Your campsite can generate greater interest by being displayed more prominently in the search results – i.e. more frequently and higher up the list – and by participating in the various themed campaigns and promotions we launch throughout the year, timed to coincide with peak interest among Dutch campers. This targeted approach enables you to benefit from more leads and more direct bookings through our platform.

The 3 options for your campsite are:

1. A campsite page at

Reach over 3.9 million unique visitors every year with a comprehensive and professional page about your campsite via Visibility among Dutch campers begins at

2. Reservations via

Make your campsite bookable through, and receive reservations via Opt to link up to your  reservation system. If you would rather retain control of your reservations, then you can do so by using your own log in. For more information, please visit

For more details, please click on the link below:
Fact sheet information about linking up your reservation system 2023-2024 (pdf)

3. Additional exposure through sales packages

When you opt for an online sales package, you will be placing an additional spotlight on your campsite. Through the sales package,  you will be able to present your campsite in an even better way, so that you will be easy to find by the millions of campers who visit our website every year. In addition to the sales packages we also have theme campaigns and a special sales packages for small campsites.

For more details and pricing, please click on the link below:
Fact sheet information online packages and rates 2023-2024 (pdf