The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB

The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB offers a wide range of services related to roadside assistance and medical and repatriation assistance abroad, legal assistance, travel, information products, insurances, selling travel related products and many other products and services in the areas of recreation, tourism and mobility. Furthermore, the ANWB is active in lobbying in the fields of driving, mobility, travel and recreation.

Facts & figures

  • founded in 1883;
  • 5 million members;
  • largest club in the Netherlands;
  • 3,128 employees (including temp. staff and people working at our daughter companies);
  • over 10.000 volunteers;
  • annual turnover of 1 billion euros;
  • Over 1 million breakdown incidents handled in 2016;
  • 815 road patrolman including battery service employees, vehicle towers and people in our service centres;
  • 89% of breakdowns are repaired on the spot;
  • roadside assistance available 24/7;
  • 100% owner of Medical Air Assistance, with more than 7000 flights a year, 5 helicopters and 33 pilots this is the number one medical helicopter operator in the Netherlands;
  • publisher of the Kampioen, the biggest magazine in the Netherlands with a circulation of 3,540,000
  • plus 4 special interest/travel magazines;
  • our website with 110,7 million visits per year;
  • 87 shops selling documents, leisure clothing and travel products;
  • Exclusive member travel programme: ANWB Member Travel
    The longer you are a member, the more you get for the same price.
    - ANWB Ledenreizen
  • owner of medium-sized insurance company Unigarant Insurance;
  • own company for towing and replacement vehicles Logicx;
  • franchise company for 50 driving schools throughout the country;
  • shareholder in ARC Europe (20%);
  • member of FIA and GMA.


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