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In reference to my import an auto question. I will import from another EU country. What is the best way to do this?

Vraag gesteld door Infojunkie op 5 juli 2018

Again, is it better to get a temporary kenteken from EU country of origin or try to arrange a temporary kenteken from Nederland. Also, what about the necessary paperwork needed to register the car in Nederland. Is the necessary paperwork acceptable to Nederland the same from all EU countries?

Antwoord van Jos

Antwoord van Jos

ANWB Expert

You want to know what the best way is to import a car in the Netherlands .

The simplest way is indeed with an export license plate but formally you as a resident of the Netherlands can not ride here. That's not allowed. There you must apply for an exemption for a maximum of 14 days. Then it also depends on whether the export registration number is considered valid. That is why I have already mentioned that I would like to know from which country the export registration number originates. With this registration certificate you can only drive to the inspection station from the Dutch address where the vehicle is located and back again on the day of the inspection.

Every car from the EU can receive a Dutch registration number after the RDW inspection. In that case you still have the full registration papers of the country of origin and you must declare.

The complete informatie about import from EU or EFTA country is on the website of the RDW.