The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB

The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB offers a wide range of services related to roadside assistance and medical and repatriation assistance abroad, legal assistance, travel, information products, insurances, selling travel related products and many other products and services in the areas of recreation, tourism and mobility. Furthermore, the ANWB is active in lobbying in the fields of driving, mobility, travel and recreation.

Facts & figures

  • founded in 1883;
  • 3,9 million members;
  • largest club in the Netherlands;
  • 4,832 employees;
  • annual turnover of 974 million euros;
  • 1,130,000 breakdown incidents handled per year;
  • 833 Road Patrols, Battery Service Patrols and Towing chauffeurs are a familiar sight on Dutch motorways;
  • 90% of breakdowns are repaired on the spot;
  • roadside assistance available 24/7;
  • 100% owner of Medical Air Assistance, operates 6 medical rescue helicopters;
  • established a uniform system of signposting in the Netherlands;
  • publisher of the Kampioen, the biggest magazine in the Netherlands with a circulation of 3,540,000
  • plus 7 special interest/travel magazines with a circulation of 284,099;
  • important information provided on (more than 318,000 visits per day);
  • 76 shops selling documents, leisure clothing and travel products;
  • 7 fully owned tour operators;
    - Pharos Reizen
    - Fox vakanties
    - Travel Home
    - SNP
    - Cruise Travel en Cruise Travel Belgium
    - Pin High
    - ANWB group travel for members
  • owner of medium-sized insurance company Unigarant Insurance;
  • own company for towing and replacement vehicles Logicx;
  • franchise company for 24 driving schools throughout the country;
  • leading European club in the Show Your Card! programme;
  • shareholder in ARC Europe (20%), ACTA (21,79%) and Starter Poland (16%).

Products and services

Our membership fee is € 17,25 per year (excl. Roadside Assistance; including assistance, e.g. in the Netherlands: €55.00). We currently offer the following products and services:

Free services for members

  • informative ANWB Members' Guides and route planner maps;
  • the ANWB Show your Card! member benefits scheme;
  • tourist and technical information;
  • the Kampioen monthly magazine;

Exclusive services for ANWB members (fee-based)

  • Roadside Assistance - service in the Netherlands and abroad;
  • the ANWB VISA card;
  • the ANWB Digikluis (the convenience of a single phone call in the event of loss or theft of bankcards and credit cards, passport and driving licence);
  • the Camping Key Europe (CKE);
  • ANWB Car Inspections;
  • ANWB Car Sales Service;
  • ANWB Car Buying Service;
  • ANWB Members' Specials (special publications for a special price).

ANWB members receive discounts on

  • ANWB maps, books and travel guides;
  • ANWB travel accessories, gifts and clothing under the Human Nature label;
  • subscriptions to ANWB magazines;
  • almost all ANWB insurances (e.g. legal protection insurance);
  • driving courses at the ANWB Drivers Academy;
  • buying fuel at over 600 petrol stations in the country.

The ANWB also provides

  • lobbying for its members in the areas of traffic, tourism and recreation;
  • real time traffic information.


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