Go Camping

Pages filled with holiday inspiration

The number of Dutch people who go camping is on the rise, especially among families with young children. This new target group is eager to find inspiration and advice about destinations, accommodation and what you need to take with you on a camping trip.

Important lead generator

Twice a year, ANWB Camping publishes GoCamping as a special edition of Kampioen the magazine for ANWB members. GoCamping is sent to selected target groups from the membership file and has proven itself to be an important lead generator for regional campaigns and for the range of camping trips and products available on anwbcamping.nl. If young families are your target group, GoCamping is the ideal channel to show them what you have to offer!

For more details and pricing, please follow the link below: 
Factsheet information, planning and rates 2022-2023 (pdf)