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, 14 april 2014

Don't go there

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Both I and my boyfriend got ripped off here, 6 months time apart. My boyfriend had the car in for some repairs. They called to give an estimate - EUR 500 - painful, but ok, if it has to be done - it has to be done. He agrees. They do the repairs. At the end of the day he goes to pick the car up and gets presented with a bill of EUR 900! HUH??? No one bothered to mention how that bill grew almost double... My car goes in for an APK. It was an old car and I expected that a few little things could be wrong, but everything felt good, it was fully functional and made absolutely no strange sounds. I get a call - it will cost EUR 1000 to do the necessary repairs so it gets the APK. I thought I didn't hear well - EUR 1000? Yes, indeed... I didn't give the go ahead, went and picked the car up. Brought it to another garage and didn't say anything. They fixed what needed to be fixed (a few lights and my windshield wipers) and my bill was EUR 150. As you can imagine, I never went back to Mulder. I would definitely recommend to avoid that place.

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Garage Mulder
Markerkant 10 1
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